It's a Great Big Colorful World by Tom Schamp

It's a Great Big Colorful World 
Review Copy from Prestel
The title and trim size of this book say it all. This gorgeously illustrated picture book is filled with detail, humor and fun facts about colors, places, people and culture from all over the world. Otto the cat wakes to a grey day, feeling blah. His friend Leon (a chameleon who changes with each turn of the page) takes Otto on a tour of the world of colors and the geographical world, celebrating the many marvelous things connected to each hue. 
Leon and Otto head out into the grey day where coziness is everywhere, from a snow covered cottage where a sleeping goat is counting sheep to grey cats and a silver toaster to the Eiffel Tower and a pack of elephants. 
From there they head into the world of black and white, sharing a two page spread where paint tubes stand in for the monochromatic dresses of some of the humans and cats on the page. Among four pages featuring yellow foods, flowers and winner's yellow jersey from the Tour de France, Schamp gives a nod to the Beatles, emojis and the iconic Kodak film box, where he also, quite cleverly, also tags Paul Simon's Kodachrome
Orange, red, pink, blue, green and brown finish out the book, which features a table of contents that comes in the final pages, a version of which you can see below, minus the page numbers and these words," All these colors have raced by and it's so lovely when all the colors come together." The final four pages are a riot of color, all coming together to show readers all four seasons in one day.
A book that is full of things to discover for readers of all ages, on each and every page, with each and every reading, of which there will be many!

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