The Clouds by Rosemary Wells

The Clouds

Some clouds fill with sunshine
Some are dark with sorrow.
Some are left from yesterday
And some are for tomorrow.

The clouds go proudly sailing by.
I love their proper names.

Stratus, Nimbus, Cirrus,
Cumulus and James.


Perogyo said…
What a lovely quote. We love Rosemary Wells, mostly because of her Yuko series. I will share this with my kids.
Tanya said…
Thanks for reading and sharing! I love Wells also! Her Yoko books are marvelous, but there will always be a special place in my heart for Max & Ruby (pre-television show...)
Anna S said…
We followed your recommendation and read The Voyage to the Bunny Planet - what an amazing, original book. It reads like a spell - partly because it alternates between verse for the magical and prose for he mundane. Thanks for pointing it out- it is one rare book that is an experience- not just a read!
Tanya said…
That's so good to hear! And you described VOYAGE TO THE BUNNY PLANET perfectly! It does read like a spell! Thanks for reading and commenting.

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