Virtual Library Newsletter @books4yourkids


The pandemic has changed how we, kids especially, interact and engage with libraries. This subscription newsletter is my effort to bring the spirit of my former elementary school library space to your inbox. Aside from interacting with kids, creating collections of books to grab reader’s interests and introduce them to something new, along with seeking out intelligent, well designed games and puzzles to engage  and connect kids and adults, were my favorite parts of being a librarian, bookseller, and parent. This newsletter is my way continuing to do those things, virtually! In each newsletter you will find a mix of: 

  • Books! Books! Books! - What I'm reading, coming titles worth waiting for, classics you may have missed, and series to keep you reading

  • Watch This!- A featured clip that will teach you something new, take you around the world, make you hungry and/or make you laugh.

  • Word! - New words to tickle your tongue

  • Take this to the dinner table! - Questions that make you think

  • Play this at home! - Games, puzzles, storytelling tools and more

  • Try this at Home! - DIY projects that don’t need (too much) adult oversight

  • Get smart! - Apps & more to expand your horizons

  • HOW TO - Digital Research tips for kids

I have my debut newsletter almost ready to go, and I'm really excited to share it. There are a few ways to subscribe to it. You can find a pop-up subscription window on my website, or you can click HERE. Thanks for reading!

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