Personalized Reading Lists

Even with thousands of my reviews at your fingertips, it can still be hard to find just the right book for your reader. Let me do the work for you! For the reasonable fee of $50.00 I will compile a booklist for your child that is sure to please.

I spend over 3 hours compiling a list (usually 25 titles or more.) All titles have links to my reviews or, if it's a book I have read and not reviewed, I link to the author's site. I also link to the author's site if there is a book I have not read but think will be appropriate. Many books I recommend are the first in a series, which means the list can ultimately encompass more than the 25 titles.

What I would want to know from you are the last few books your child read (so I can gauge interests and reading levels) and what kinds of books you would like your child to read - specifically if there are genres you prefer, genres to avoid, specific sensitivities, and what you consider appropriate content. Also, if there are any non-fiction, poetry or other unique interests (great books to read out loud, graphic novels, sports, etc) that you would like suggestions for, I can accommodate your needs.

Real life girls/boys : stories about girls who could be real, living today or in the near past, and their families and friends
School stories : stories where the plot revolves around school and classmates, not necessarily their families.
Adventure stories : where kids solve a crime or fight a "bad guy" or discover a treasure.
Graphic Novels : like comic books, but with longer and more complex stories - sometimes graphic novels are a great way to get children who don't like to read hooked by a book.
Animal stories : where a pet, a dog, cat, hamster, etc., is the main focus of the plot. In these books, the animal is often in danger at some point and needs rescuing.
Animals as characters : stories where the animals have human characteristics and have adventures.
Fantasy : stories with magic, magical creatures and characters with magical abilities. This is a very big genre and there are lots of subsets - fantasy with animals, magic in the real world, historical fiction magic, and so on.
Historical Fiction : stories set in the past. These usually involve stressful, sometimes dangerous situations where characters are in peril but ultimately survive.
Mysteries : kids solving mysteries, a smaller genre, but filled with great books.

Happy Reading - Tanya

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