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All the Greys on Greene Streey by Laura Tucker, 320 pp, RL 4

All the Greys on Greene Street  by Laura Tucker illustrations by Kelly Murphy Purchased Audio Book narrated by  Taylor Meskimen and Allyson Ryan All the Greys on Greene Street is an unforgettable middle grade novel about art and depression, seen through the eyes of sixth-grader Olympia, called Ollie, the child of two artists. Set in SoHo in 1981, Ollie begins telling her story a week after her father has left her and her mother, and the country. In France with his new French girlfriend, and leaving behind a cryptic note telling Ollie not to tell anyone where he has gone, Ollie struggles with her mother, who has not gotten out of bed since he left. As the narrator, we see what Ollie sees and feel what she feels. Ollie knows that her mother has had times like this before, and she realizes that asking for help could mean her mother is sent to the hospital, leaving Ollie without any parents. Sure that time will heal, Ollie makes do, leaning on Apollo. Apollo is the ugliest person Ollie has eve…

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