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Harbor Me by Jaqueline Woodson, 192 pp, RL 4

In December of last year, National Ambassador for Children's Literature,Jaqueline Woodson spoke to theNew York Times about two children's books she was working on, The Day You Begin and the middle-grade novel, Harbor Me, saying, "I am talking about what it means to be in this country at this moment in time in certain bodies." Woodson's many memorable, meaningful, moving books - picture, chapter and verse novels, as well as novels for adults - explore emotions, difficult connections and how to find acceptance and belonging. To this, Woodson adds a timely novel that explores what it means to be an outsider in a time when boundaries are being very clearly drawn by our current president and his supporters.
Narrator Haley tells the story of what happens in Room 501 of a school in Brooklyn every Friday during the last hour of school. Once an art room, the six students in Ms. Laverne's class rename it the ARTT room - A Room To Talk. Ms. Laverne wants her students, wh…

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