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MAKER COMICS: Bake Like a Pro! by Falynn Koch, 124 pp, RL 4

MAKER COMICS:Bake Like a Pro!  by Falynn Koch Purchased with grant funding  for my school library
MAKER COMICS: BAKE LIKE A PRO is an excellent graphic novel that teaches readers how to bake while also showing the science behind baking. Using a fictional format, the book begins in a village where wizarding students are being given their assignments for the day. While her friends happily head off to learn pyromancy and transfiguration, Sage is not happy to hear that she will be learning baking with Wizard Korian. Using talking food, Wizard Korian begins her lesson by showing Sage that cooking is heating food, but baking is alchemy! Unenthusiastic and showing it, Sage jumps at the chance to bake a perfect pound cake and end the lesson. Left alone with the recipe and the ingredients, who are talking and trying to get her to follow the instructions, Sage fails the task and conjures an "instant cake." Not only does this passage serve to show readers WHY it is important to follow the …

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