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I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson, 371 pp, RL: TEEN

This Review Originally Appeared on 1/9/15

Back in 2011 I bought the sky is everywhere, the debut novel by Jandy Nelson, when it came out in paperback. She graduated from the high school my kids go to and I was curious. Like so many books I buy, I still have not (but I will, I will!) read it. When I saw Nelson's newest book,I'll Give You the Sun, I was enthralled by the cover art and impressed by this bold choice for a YA book. A stellar reviewin the New York Times by fellow YA author Lauren Oliver(read my reviews of Oliver's books here) cemented my decision to read/listen to I'll Give You the Sun.
Writing this review, as the writing of many book reviews does for me, sent me down the rabbit hole of the internet. Having worked for a literary agent for a year and being privy to a handful author-agent-editor discussions on book covers, especially for YA books, I got a glimpse of the decision-making process and what the wrong cover can  do to a book. I wanted to know more abo…

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