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Midsummer's Mayhem by Rajani La Rocca, illustrated by Rachel Suggs, 352 pp, RL 4

Midsummer's Mayhem by Rajani LaRocca,  illustrations by Rachel Suggs Purchased from Barnes & Noble Midsummer Mayhem is a delicious delicacy that I wanted to devour, but took my time and savored. Kid's books (especially those focused on diversity and representation) are my first passion, cooking my second, so I will be laying the food metaphors on thick here. I watch cooking shows while I cook dinner and even while I am on the treadmill. And, while I write reviews, I have already-watched old episodes of the Great British Bakeoff playing in the background for white noise. I feel a little like Rajani Larocca wrote this book for me! And Rachel Suggs's one and two page illustrations are the icing on this delectable cake. Eleven-year-old Mira Mackson, who goes by Mimi, is the fourth and youngest in a family of very talented children and narrator of Midsummer's Mayhem. Oldest sister Riya is a gifted dancer with a beautiful singing voice. Mimi says she is like an "Aleppo …

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