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Go with the Flow by Lily Williams & Karen Schneemann, 336 pp, RL 4

Go with the Flow by Lily Williams & Karen Schneemann Published by First Second Purchased at Barnes & Noble
With Go with the Flow, Lily Williams and Karen Schneemann have created a graphic novel that will make every reader who is or will be menstruating feel like they have a new best friend. A completely engaging story of friendship serves as the backbone for a book about periods, inequity and menstrual activism. As I read Go with the Flow and write this review I am expecting the imminent arrival of what I estimate to be the 450th period of my life, a monthly occurrence that has cost me more than $5,000 over the last 40 years. After reading Go with the Flow, I read several articles about period equity, including this article where I learned women menstruate, on average, for nearly seven years during their lifetime (!) and that tampons are taxed while Viagra is not (!) and am fired up. I am deeply grateful to Williams and Schneeman for writing this book and bringing period equity an…

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