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Food Fight! A Mouthwatering History of WHO Ate WHAT and WHY Through the Ages (with 30 Recipes!) by Tanya Steel, 160 pp, RL 4

Food Fight! A Mouthwatering History of WHO Ate WHAT and WHY Through the Ages  (with 30 Recipes)by Tanya Steel Review Copy from National Geographic Kids Why Read? Why Buy? : Food IS life. We all have to eat, and many of us would do well to be more thoughtful about what we eat. Steel's book is the perfect place to start kids thinking and exploring and NatGeoKids provides the perfect format (chunks of information, lots of graphics, photos and illustrations and the occasional gag) for getting kids reading. Over the course of 15 chapters, Steel moves from the prehistoric era all the way to the future and an imagining of life - and food - on Mars! Each chapter has a page of "Bite-Size History," followed by a"Day in the Life," then "Spicing Things Up!" calling attention to the all-important (taste-wise, historically and financially) ways humans learned to make their food taste better. Where and how people ate during each era as well as foods for special occasio…

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