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A Properly Unhaunted Place by William Alexander, 192 pp, RL 3

A Properly Unhaunted Place by William Alexander, illustrated by Kelly Murphy Purchased from Barnes & Noble Rosa Díaz is the daughter of Athena Díaz, the renowned librarian appeasement specialist in a world where the presence of restless ghosts is the norm. It is Athena's job to calm the ghosts and show them proper respect, in the process finding them appropriate places to reside. Growing up the daughter of appeasement specialists in a world of ghosts, observant, smart Rosa has skills and talents of her own. And she also knows the costs of trying to banish ghosts instead of appease them, having lost her father when he attempted - and failed - at that very thing. And maybe that's why Athena decided to move to Ingot, the only town around without poltergeists, specters, and spirits. However, the properly unhaunted town of Ingot doesn't stay that way for long.  At the town's very inaccurate Renaissance Festival, Rosa and her new friend Jasper Chevalier, squire to Sir Morie…

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