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Hippopotamister by John Patrick Green, color by Cat Caro, 96 pp, RL: 3

Hocus Focus by James Sturm, Andrew Arnold and Alexis Frederick-Frost, 40pp, RL 1.5

The Cookie Fiasco: An Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! Book by Dan Santat

I Dissent! Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark by Debbie Levy, illustrated by Elizabeth Baddeley

How Things Work: Discover Secrets and Science Behind Bounce Houses, Hovercraft, Robotics, and Everything In Between by T.J. Resler, 208pp, RL 4

10 Fun Facts About Kier Graff, author of THE MATCHSTICK CASTLE

The Matchstick Castle by Keir Graff, 276pp, RL 4

Giant Days Volume 1, created & written by John Allison, illustrated by Lissa Treiman, colors by Whitney Cogar and letters by Jim Campbell, RL: TEEN