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books4yourkids is on an indefinite hiatus, but there are over 2,750 reviews of children's, young adult (and even a few adult) books to help you find the right book for the right hands. In 2008, while I was working as a children's bookseller at Barnes & Noble and parenting three young readers, I started this book review blog. I had already been a bookseller for thirteen years and loved talking books with customers of all ages. As I found myself increasingly helping parents of children reading well above their grade level find age appropriate books, I realized I had experience and insight to share and this website was launched. I left bookselling to work as an assistant to a literary agent representing many of the great children's authors and illustrators publishing today, and in 2014 I embarked on a new job as an elementary school library technician. The student population at the school I worked at was both 80% Latinx and from low socioeconomic status households, with th