Little Wolf's Book of Badness by Ian Whybrow, illustrated by Tony Ross 130pp RL 2

The series of Little Wolf books, there are at least nine as of this writing, are similar to the premise of the Dragon Slayer's Academy in that Little Wolf is sent away to school to learn qualities he doesn't possess. In this story, he is sent to his Uncle Bigbad's Cunning College for Brute Beasts in the Frettnin Forest where he is to learn the nine Rules of Badness, earn his BAD Badge and convince his family that he isn't a "goody-four-paws." Little Wolf's experiences are recounted in letters home to his parents.

There is some boyish humor and lots of illustrations - the book itself is probably less than 70 pages in text alone. The rest of the series follows Little Wolf as he rescues his baby brother - Smellybreff, writes poetry, sails the seas looking for buried treasure, tries to start his own scary school and tries his hand as a forest detective. The books are charming and silly and perfect for a high reading five or six year old. Seven year olds may find it a bit "babyish" despite the reading level.

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