Fairy Tale Fridays!!

Hello Everyone - I have been wanting to do a series of posts on fairy tales and books based on fairy tales since this is possible my favorite genre in the world of Children's Lit.  As I began re-reading one of my favorites and making some new  label categories, I got the great idea for 


So, from here on out, every Friday expect a little once upon a time with a dash of magic thrown in for good measure.  


3ringcircusmom said…
I Love Your blog! Thank you for the reviews and book ideas. I have 2 very young, but voracious readers. It is fabulous to have a place to go to review books that are appropriate not only for reading level, but age too.
Tanya said…
Thanks for your kind words! I'm so glad you found my blog! My real audience, the kids I have in mind when I read and write reviews, are the voracious readers - who are often the advanced readers, too. I believe that there are enough good books out there, if you can find them, to keep hungry readers busy until they are ready, maturity wise, for the teen and adult books. Please keep leaving comments - I love to hear what books I review kids have enjoyed reading and what books have bombed.
Unknown said…
We love Fairy Tales here! Great idea. I will keep on visiting your blog. Thank you for leaving a comment on mine. I thought the same thing about "39 Clues" but decided to give it a try anyway. We are about half way through. Both of my kids like it so far.
Tanya said…
Excellent!! I can't wait to hear from you & your kids about "39 Clues."

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