Fairy Tale Friday & New Reader's Week Announcements!

Fairy Tale Fridays:  This Friday and next I am going to spruce up some reviews of Fairy Tales that I wrote before I had the idea to start Fairy Tale Fridays.  For those of you who have been reading for that long, I apologize for the repeats.  For those of you new to the blog, I am happy to have the chance to reintroduce some books that I think are great.  Also, I am struggling a bit to find chapter books that are traditional fairy tales, retellings of fairy tales or just plain fairy stories.  I have several 4th & 5th grade reading level books yet to review and read, but I feel like I am floundering a bit.  If you know of any chapter books that are fairy tales, fairy stories or fairy tale retellings, please let me know and I will seek them out to read and review.  Eventually, I think I may just have to relax my definition of fairy tale and allow in some general fantasy titles and rename it Fantasy Fridays.

New Reader's Week:  A new and improved version of my post titled, "The Beginning Reader Dilemma" will kick off New Reader's Week this Sunday, to be followed by a review every day of beginning reader books that are creative, unique, extraordinary and/or stand-outs in their genre.  We will return to our regular programming schedule the following week...

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