How to Read a Picture Book without Words at The Well Read Child

A few weeks ago at the library, my son and I found some really amazing wordless picture books. As we "read" them and I fell into silence looking at the beautiful pictures and the stories they were telling, my son would yell, "Louder Mommy!  Read louder!" and I realized, there is a definite art to reading a wordless picture book out loud and wondered if some parents found these "visual storytelling" books intimidating.  So, I sat down and wrote and thought and wrote about how to advise a "reader" to go about reading a wordless picture book out loud.  You can read my thoughts at the wonderful blog of picture books, and now chapter books for kids of all ages as well (with the occasional review by me and many other great kid's literature enthusiasts) at The Well Read Child on Thursday, November 20th. And, don't forget to check the winners of the National Book Awards tomorrow to see if my predictions for a win by Laurie Halse Anderson's remarkable, incomparable, stunning new book, Chains will take top prize is right!

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