Abraham Lincoln's Bicentennial Birthday Celebration Book Review

Abraham Superlincoln 
portrait by kid's book author and illustrator extraordinaire, 
Adam Rex!

I am a fairly observant person.  So, a couple of months ago when we started receiving piles of new (and old) books on Abraham Lincoln and his kin, I knew something was up.  At first I figured we were just  preparing for the huge book selling event that is President's Day.  But, as I gradually became aware that we were not stocking up on bios of George Washington, Teddy and Franklin D Roosevelt and JFK, I decided to investigate.    Turns out that February 12, 2009 marks the 200th Birthday of our 16th president!

I had no intention of marking this momentous day with a post or review, but I was lucky enough to receive a review copy from Candlewick Press of an amazing book that lit a fire under me.  Non-fiction is not a favorite of mine and, while I love historical fiction, I prefer to read about British history or Colonial Era America.  The Civil War does not do it for me.  But, this incredible book lead me to another engrossing book and another.  

So, this week I will be reviewing books about Lincoln written for children.  The two works of historical fiction are narrated by children.  The third book is a work of non-fiction and a MUST read.  I hope you enjoy reading about these books even half as much as I enjoyed reading them.  

I have one request from parents who have children who read these books or others about Lincoln:  Please let me know what your child thinks of the book(s) that s/he reads.  I think that what I found most compelling about Lincoln was the profound loss and sadness that filled his life and I really don't think that this is what will attract kids, so I'm wondering, what will?

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