Time Travel Takes Over...

You might have noticed that I like to do things thematically and I like alliteration as well.  A few months back I finally got around to re-reading one of my favorite books and that led me to a frenzied stock piling of reviews of books of a similar genre.

I dabbled with the idea of turning "Fairy Tale Fridays" into "Time Travel Thursdays" but decided that I didn't want to alter my Monday-Wednesday-Friday review schedule just so I could slap a cool label on a post. Therefore, I am pleased to bring to you, for the next several Fridays, reviews of young adult books that involve time travel as part of the plot. I'll be kicking off the extravaganza with  a review of a childhood favorite of mine that was a groundbreaking book in the world of children's literature when it was first published in 1962 in so many ways.

I have enjoyed reading and re-reading every one of the featured books and have also realized that there seem to be two distinct ways to write about time travel.  With the first, characters travel forward or backward in linear, historical time to definite places.  With the second, the characters travel to other dimensions in time and space or travel within time itself.  

I hope I introduce you to some books you've never heard of and inspire you (and your kids, of course) to read, read read!

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