Your kids can earn a free book this summer at
Barnes & Noble.

I would be telling you about this even if I didn't work there because, hey,


Stop by your local B&N (if you have one...) and pick up a form or follow this Summer Reading with Percy Jackson link to download a form. Kids entering grades 1 - 6 are eligible to enter. There is some wiggle room with this age rule. Generally, a bookseller will not hassle you if your child looks a little to old or too young to be participating. The most important thing is to make sure there is a book on the list of eligible free titles (clicking on the link above will provide a list of eligible free titles) that your child CAN and WANTS to read.

Rules: Kids must read 8 books - ANY 8 - library books, neighbor's books, books in the doctor's office, any book. Fill out the form, go to B&N, choose your book and take it to the cash register so a bookseller can ring you up. Even though the book is free, we need to ring it up for inventory reasons.

****Read the fine print on your form carefully. I swear I read that readers can earn 2 free books, not the one listed in the downloadable form on line, when I was checking out the fine print on the form at the store where I work. We used to let kids get 2 free books then stopped doing it last summer.

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