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Aside from being able to share my passion for kid's books, the best thing about becoming a blogger has been meeting new people through the blogoshpere. A little over a month ago I received an email titled, "Your blog and my blog!" from Jessica, "aged 7 and who lives in London, a long way away from you!" Jessica is the author of My Children's Book Review Blog, for children (and their parents!), written by a child and reads some pretty great books. Of course I wanted to share her blog with my readers, but I also thought it would be interesting to get inside the head of a seven-year-old book blogger as well, so I asked her a few questions and she graciously took the time to answer them! I hope you will check out Jessica's blog and the interesting books she has reviewed so far. I think a kid's perspective (and taste) on books is very important and it is also fascinating to me, as a bookseller and blogger, to note the books that Jessica has reviewed that are available in the UK and not in the States. Jessica recently reviewed a book called The Nag Club by Anne Fine, author of the book Madame Doubtfire, basis for the movie Mrs Doubtfire. I was really excited to read The Nag Club after reading Jessica's review, but disappointed to find has not been published here. Thanks for contacting me and keep up the good work reading and reviewing books!

How old are you?
I turned 7 years old in January.

When did you learn how to read by yourself?
I learnt to read by myself when I was 4.

Do you remember what the first book you read on your own was?
I can’t really remember but I do like lots of books.

What do you like about reading?
I like reading because you don’t have to read the books all in one go and you can read whatever you want at whatever time.

Why did you decide to start a blog about books?
I decided to write a blog about books because I like reviewing them.

Do you keep up your blog by yourself or does someone help you with the computer work of posting reviews and adding images?
I write the blog reviews and post them, but my Mum checks them to see if they make sense.
I find and put up the pictures myself.

What is your favorite book right now?
I don’t have a favorite book! But I like Anne Fine’s books and Meg Cabot’s books.

What is your all-time favorite book?
I don’t have an all-time favorite book but I do like Madame Doubtfire by Anne Fine because the father pretends to be Madame Doubtfire!

Do you still read picture books?
Yes I do but only if they are not too babyish.

Have you ever read "Mog the Forgetful Cat" by Judith Kerr? That was one of my favorites when I was a kid and I just found out that she is British.
I have read it too but I have forgotten what it is about! Mog is a grey cat though.

I really like reading books set in England because of all the things that are different from America. Do you like reading books set in America, like Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls by Meg Cabot that you reviewed?
I don’t think I know any others but there are some other Allie Finkle books.

How do you choose a book to read?
I read the blurb and a few pages inside.

Do you ever choose a book because it has an interesting cover?
Not really

What kind of books do you have to read in school?
Ones that I don’t like such as the three little pigs. I don’t like the story because it is a bit too young for me.

Does your school (or your classroom) have a good library?
We do have a library in my school but it is not used very much! I have enough books already so I don’t really need to go there anyway.

Do you have a good library or bookstore where you live?
Yes I do have a library near my house, but I don’t go there very often.

Have you ever picked a book to read that was too hard for you? If you have, what did you do? Did you try to read it and if you gave up, how did you know when it was time to quit?
I found Matilda quite hard to read, as I didn’t understand some of the words.
I never really quit reading a book. I just carry on reading it and as I get older I understand it more.

Are there any books that are too hard for you to read right now that you look forward to reading someday?
I would like to read Little Women.

Because you love books so much, do your friends ever ask you to recommend a good book to read?
Not really. I am the one that likes books!

Have you ever been to America? If yes, what did you like best and least about it?
I have never been to America although I would like to go to Disneyland!

Do you have any plans for this summer?
All I know is that I am going to a summer camp called Cross Keys.
I am also going on holiday to Scotland and really looking forward to it.

What books do you think you would like to read this summer?
The Borrowers by Mary Norton.

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