Happy Birthday to Me!

is 1 year old today!

thank you to all of my readers!

it has been a joy knowing that i am not writing in a vacuum, although i think that, given the choice to write in a vacuum or never write again, i would opt for the vacuum. your comments and ensuing book discussions have been both food for thought and fuel for reviews. thank you to everyone who has introduced me to a new book or steered me in a new direction.

thank you to my brother and sister-in-law for suggesting i funnel my passion and knowledge into a blog! and, thanks for spreading the word to all your friends in no cal.

thank you to jeremy and family! i think you were probably my first regular reader who is not related to me! we don't even live in the same country!!! thank you for your comments and thoughts and recommendations. you mentioned The Dragon of Lonely Island by Rebecca Rupp to me last summer and i finally got around to reading & reviewing it almost a year later! your kids are amazing readers and you are a great parent for reading along with them.

thank you to Candlewick Press for publishing high quality, beautifully conceived children's books by an amazing collection of authors and illustrators. and, thank you for providing me with review copies!

thank you to these generous and wonderful people and publishers as well for keeping me in books...

Sourcebooks, Inc. Egmont, USA Milkweed Editions HarperCollins
Random House, Inc

and thank you to these authors who have made reading and reviewing a joy! i am continually in awe of what you do and how you contribute to the expanding imaginations of children (and adults) with your writing. Special thanks to Diana Leszczynski, author of Fern Verdant and the Silver Rose
for introducing me to her brilliant book, her wonderful heroine, Fern and for being the subject of my first ever interview.

also, thank you to these authors who have taken the time to read my reviews and make a comment or send me an email. i am a fan at heart and if i had known that writing reviews was one way to get to talk to my favorite authors, i would have started a blog years ago!

i also need to say thank you to my husband and three children who have seen much less of me in this last year of blogging. thank you for not complaining too bitterly when i was not available to do all those things for you that a wife/mother does and thank you for missing me while i was glued to the computer writing and researching.

and, finally, i would like to let my regular readers know that i cannot keep up the pace of three reviews a week. i miss my family too much. so, sometime around the middle of the month i am going to begin to post two reviews a week instead of three. i have posted almost 250 reviews on my blog in a year and i am proud of that. looking back, i have also realized that i could be a better writer. hopefully this new schedule will allow that. also, i have decided that, for the first time in a year, i am going to read a book written for ADULTS!!! in case you are wondering what i will read, i have picked a book that has been suggested to me or highly praised by someone at least four times in the same week. my high school creative writing teacher called this the "purple pinto syndrome." you've never seen a purple pinto in your life, then you see two or three in one week. The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery, translated from the original French by Alison Anderson promises to be a great read.

so, to kick off my birthday celebration, the next two weeks will feature reviews from the first weeks of my blog. they will be rewritten and enhanced and hopefully most of you will not have read them already!

thanks again to everyone who has visited books4yourkids.com!

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