If this post looks familiar, it's because it is!  I ran it almost a year ago.  As I set up the display of Halloween books a few weeks ago I noted, as I have done every year for the past decade and a half, that there are so many Halloween picture books and so few of them are worth reading.  Yet, there are books out there that are worth reading.  In light of that, I am re-posting my reviews from last year with some updates to the review of picture books with Halloween themes.  Hope your readers find some spooky good stories!

I don't know how many of you (or your kids) like to read books with themes and genres that coincide with the holidays, but the enthusiasm for Halloween and its attendant goodies expressed by a friend and co-worker (the same one who nudged me into reading Half-Minute Horrors) combined with the plethora of related books on the shelves, inspired me to post a week or two of reviews of spooky, creepy, even sometimes scary books. Some of the reviews are from my archives and some are new and hopefully you will enjoy all of them. 

The painting above was done by Ray Bradbury and is of a Halloween Tree, as found in his book of the same name.  A print of this painting can be purchased at Every Picture Tells a Story an amazing website and gallery in Santa Monica, CA, that features original art work as well as a wonderful collection of prints of illustrations from children's books to view and buy.  

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