Books Worth Giving

Everyone knows that books make great gifts, just like everyone knows that there is the right book for the right person out there somewhere. Over the last few months I have been accumulating a small pile of books that are not your typical picture or chapter book but definitely perfect for gift giving. I hope you find something special for all of your bibliophiles as I spend the next month reviewing books you will be happy to give or receive.


jennybell said…
I am really looking forward to this, especially after talking to a friend a couple days after her son's birthday party. There were 20 kids there and way too many toys as presents (we brought a toy too). I have another birthday coming up and had already decided to get a book. I look forward to your recommendations.
Tanya said…
Thanks! I'm so glad to hear that! Part of me wanted to post all of my reviews in the first week of the month so people could get their shopping done, but I decided to go with 3 - 4 a week. Hope you get some good ideas!

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