Emerging Reader Week

I am happy to report that I have found a week's worth of beginning reader books that I really love and want to share with you. This seems to be the most under represented genre of kid's books when it comes to quality writing and illustration, but I think that all the books I reviewed meet my high standards and then some. Not all the books are new, I am new to them and I am sure that many of you out there are fans already.

I'll start the week on Sunday with a look at reading levels, the professionals who determine them and how you can figure them out on your own and move on to a review of a new book/series for the next five days.

Sorry to those of you who's readers are beyond this stage and to the rest of you, I hope there is something this week that will spark a love of reading for your new readers that will last a lifetime.


Peaceful Reader said…
This is a very underdeveloped reading area yet I have so many students that rely on the "easy reader" section to find a readable book. I look forward to your suggestions to boost this area.
nopinkhere said…
I am THRILLED you are doing this! My son just started reading and is at the "pre-reading" level of David Milgrim's Otto books if we read them together. I would love to see your suggestions for books to try as he progresses in ability.
Tanya said…
I hope this helps! I feel lucky to have found as many books to recommend as I did. As noted, this is sort of a wasteland. I had never heard of OTTO, but I just checked him out on line and will be ordering some!! My 5 year old won't be reading for a while, but we both love robots. Thanks for the nod!

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