Things To Come: A Special Author Visit and Work Created Especially for This Blog!!!

When I reivewed ND Wilson's 100 Cupboards back in May of 2009, a reader mentioned Wilson's first book, Leepike Ridge. I added it to my list of books to read and finally got around to it a couple of months ago. It was FANTASTIC! It was so great that I knew I needed to pick up Dandelion Fire again and finish reading it even though I don't usually review sequels here. I'm glad I did. Book Three in the trilogy (the trilogy is the new series, you heard it here first! Seven + book series for the YA crowd are a thing of the past...) And I am so glad I did. In addition to it being a great book, it is entirely worthy of its own review. In no way is Dandelion Fire typical of your usual Book Two in a trilogy - it does much more than serve as a bridge between books one and two. Also, reading Dandelion Fire was a necessity knowing that The Chestnut King was due out in January 2010.

Which leads me to my very exciting announcement... I am honored and thrilled to announce that ND Wilson will be writing an original piece of fiction especially for! On February 9, ND Wilson will reveal the contents of one of the unexplored cupboards in his trilogy and maybe even answer a couple of questions about the books. This is part of a blog tour and, as soon as I can, I will let know know the other blogs Wilson will be visiting and writing for.

Until then, I'll be featuring reviews of Leepike Ridgeand Dandelion Fire next week and my review of The Chestnut King and the visit from ND Wilson the following week. If he had written more than four books, I'd just go ahead and make February ND Wilson month!

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