I got on this crazy kick today and decided to do a special week of posts on books pertaining to GREEK MYTHOLOGY.  

I reviewed Rick Riordan's The Lightning Thief back in 2008, all the while intending to read (what I refer to while on the bookfloor as) the "girl version of Percy Jackson, but better!"  I finally read The Shadow Thieves, the first book in Anne Ursu's The Cronos Chronicles and was wowed.  My review of The Shadow Thieves will post on Monday.

I have always tried to interest kids in books on Greek mythology, and Rick Riordan's series of books is the perfect starting point in most cases, especially for readers who are suspicious of books that look too much like reference books.  On Wednesday, I will post a listing of reference books on Greek Mythology as well as some adapted versions of Homer's Odyssey.  On Friday I will post a collection of fiction for kids, besides Riordan and Ursu's, that utilizes Greek Mythology as a theme.  

I do have to note, though, that for the first time ever, in this post only, I will be discussing books that I have not read beforehand.  I state this clearly in the review, but want to let you know that here as well.  The interest in books of this theme is so great, and my pile of to-be-read books is so tall that I thought it worth the change in policy to list the books in a post based on blurbs alone. Parents, please read these books before giving them to your children if you have any concerns. They all seem like well written, well thought out books for children of varying reading levels with a fair amount of history, but you never know...

Hope you enjoy reading Greek for the week!

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