I loved dolls when I was a kid.  Madame Alexander, Barbie, baby dolls, cloth dolls.  I even went through a period where I made dolls out of my mom's old pantyhose.  I made an orphanage out of a cardboard box, furniture, bookshelves, books and all, and stocked it with kids.  I made dolls with papier-mâché heads and arms and loads of yarn hair.  Surprisingly, I did not turn out to be a collector of dolls as an adult, however I did indulge my daughter pretty seriously, sinking a lot of money into American Dolls...
Now that my seven and a half year old niece is becoming interested in her mom's old dollhouse and sewing, I started thinking about all the books about dolls that I also loved and decided to do a week of reviews of the wonderful picture and chapter books that have dolls and/or doll houses as their main characters.  Boys, don't feel left out.  Most of the stories are universal, ofen adventurous and surprisingly not as pink as you would expect!

[This is the very set (minus the tags) of Madame Alexander Little Women Dolls I collected as a kid.  Didn't get around to reading the book until I was an adult, despite the dolls...]
I am sure that I have overlooked or just don't know about some of the other incredible doll books out there, so I am hoping that you all will write in with enough titles for me to do another whole week of doll stories in the future!

For those of you who are interested, the New York Times ran this article back in April Modern Design, in Miniature, is Growing.  There are links to some interesting blogs by miniaturists that your kids might get a kick out of.

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