How the World Works by Christiane Dorion, illustrations by Beverley Young, design and paper engineering by Andy Mansfield

What a better way to spark the minds of future scientist than with a pop-up book that tells you How the World Works? Written by Christine Dorion and illustrated by Beverley Young, there is something to draw the eye on every page. This book will grab the attention of kids who are starting to ask those sometimes difficult to answer questions like, "Why does the weather change?" "Why does it rain?" and "What was the first thing alive?"

The paper engineering by Andy Mansfield is spectacular. While there are only three traditional pop-ups in the book, every page has a pull tab that slides out to reveal more information or demonstrate how something (like the tectonic plates) works. There are also origami like additions here and there that unfold to reveal a new illustration or fact. This book can be read over and over again with something new to be learned each time.

Besides being a writer, Christine Dorion is an educational consultant who has taught sustainable development for more than 20 years. This means that there is a gentle but serious environmental current in this book as well. On the spread that examines the water cycle, there is also a portion titled, "How do we interfere with the water cycle" that looks at farming, transportation, oil spills and logging. Towards the end of the book, there is a two page spread titled, "What is carbon?" Dorion examines the carbon cycle, the greenhouse effect and the carbon footprint we are all leaving on the earth as well as ways to reduce it.

How the World Works is the perfect first look into the science that surrounds us and grabs the interest of kids. With it's hands-on aspects, you almost feel like you have been through an exhibit at the museum of Natural History, the Museum of Science and the Children's Museum rolled into one! The best part is, you can visit the exhibit again and again, for free, and without adding to your carbon footprint by driving to the museum...

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