PIcture Books That Entertain, Picture Books That Educate

I know that there are hundreds of fabulous picture books out there that educate and entertain and I have no idea why I have not grouped them in this context before now, but these two marvelous titles just happened into my life at he same time and that spark was struck!  Then, I stumbled upon this wonderful blog, Open Wide, Look Inside, which is dedicated to sharing ways to integrate children's across the curriculum, with an emphasis in math, science and social studies.  The mind behind the blog is Tricia Sthor-Hunt, a professor at the University of Richmond where, as she says, she has "the distinct honor and pleasure of preparing future teachers."  She also runs the blog with the BEST NAME EVER, The Miss Rumphius Effect where she writes about "children's literature, poetry, and issues related to teaching children and their future teachers."  Both of these blogs are great resources for ways to use literature to teach. if the ideas don't pop into your head instantly when you read a good kid's book.

After reading  The Once Upon a Time Map Book  by BG Hennessy, illustrations by Peter Joyce and  Dear Teacher  by Amy Husband I knew I had found two great books to get imaginations revved up, especially over a long, hot summer!  I hope you enjoy these reviews, are inspired to get your kids out in the world making maps and writing letters and, best of all, share it with others and with me!  I'd love to post any maps or letters that you email me!

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