Little Owl Lost written and illustrated by Chris Haughton

The story that Chris Haughton brings us with his book Little Owl Lost is not a new one. However, the pace of the story and the color palette that he uses to illustrate this story are, and I think that both will appeal to parents and little listeners.

Little Owl and mom are napping one day when... Uh oh! A tearful Little Owl meets up with Squirrel, who ask a few questions before trying to help.  What does mommy look like? Little Owl answers, "My mommy is VERY BIG. Like THIS," and holds his wings far apart.

Squirrel exclaims, "Yes!  Yes!  I know!  I know!" and takes Little Owl to... a bear. This goes on for a few more misunderstandings until Frog steps in and takes Little Owl to his mommy, who has been looking everywhere for him. Reunited, Mommy invites Squirrel and Frog back to the nest for cookies and tea where Little Owl nods off again...

I realize that the colors used are not typical for a children's picture book, but I think that they are what makes this story all the more appealing.  So few books stand out on the shelves anymore - Little Owl Lost definitely deserves your attention!