Little Owl Lost written and illustrated by Chris Haughton

Chris Haughton's debut picture book, Little Owl Lost, immediately reminded me of a favorite from my childhood, P. D. Eastman's Are You My Mother, published in 1960. is not a new one. With a palette I have never seen in a picture book before, chunky characters and lots of humor, Haughton's book feels both old and new, an instant classic. 
Little Owl and Mommy Owl are napping one day when... Uh oh! A tearful Little Owl meets up with Squirrel, who ask a few questions before trying to help. What does mommy look like? Little Owl answers, "My mommy is VERY BIG. Like THIS," holding wings far apart.
Squirrel exclaims, "Yes!  Yes!  I know!  I know!" and takes Little Owl to... a bear. This goes on for a few more misunderstandings until Frog steps in and takes Little Owl to Mommy Owl, who has been looking everywhere. Reunited, Mommy Owl invites Squirrel and Frog back to the nest for cookies and tea where Little Owl nods off again...
Little Owl Lost is highly readable, and I guarantee it will become one of those books your child asks to hear repeatedly. With the hindsight of ten years of reading and reviewing picture books - and four new books by Haughton (click here for my reviews) I amended this post to include the quote at the start of this book. While this one is a bit wordy for little listeners, Haughton's other books offer quotes that are great conversation starters for kids and adults while also perfectly paired to the stories he tells.

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