Doctor Ted & Firefighter Ted written by Andrea Beaty and illustrated by Pascal Lemaitre

I love a circular story when it comes to picture books, and Andrea Beaty and Pascal Lemaitre's Doctor Ted and Firefighter Ted are just that!   When I read these books at story time, the kids are transfixed and the parents are giggling and I ALWAYS, ALWAYS get asked to read one after the other!

Doctor Ted begins like this, "One morning Ted woke up, got out of bed, and bumped his knee.  That's not good, thought Ted.  I need a doctor.  Ted looked everywhere, but he couldn't find one.  And, since Ted couldn't find a doctor...   ...he  became a doctor.

Ted is a very self-possessed little bear with complete confidence in his medical diagnostic skills, which makes for quite a bit of fun as he goes through his day.  When he looks at his mother, he insists that she has measles and an operation is necessary.  "Those are my freckles," his mother says.

Ted continues on throughout his day and Beaty's wry humor goes with him.  Principal Bigham (a warthog, of course) is not amused by Ted's pretend play, but Ted's commitment to his new career is not diminished or daunted at all.  And, of course, Doctor Ted saves the day in the end!   After a day of successes and a good night's sleep, Ted wakes up and smells smoke!

Because there are no firefigthers around, Ted becomes one!  Much of the same hilarity from Doctor Ted ensues, with the same characters in tow.  Ted's enthusiasm for his new career and his conviction that he know what he is doing, as well as Beaty's superb sense of humor remain fresh in this sequel-of-sorts.

When Ted notices that the sidewalk is scorching hot, he braves the heat to rescue a kitten and a few tricycles along the way as well, placing them all safely in a tree...  Once at school, the Science Fair presents a host of dangers, including Principal Bigham's hot head, but Firefighter Ted is brave and true and saves the day in the end.  

A magnifying glass and a ray of sunshine make for danger in the cafeteria!  Beaty writes,  

The smoke got thicker and thicker. His pants got hotter and hotter. Principal Bigham ran this way and that.  “HELP!” he yelled. “Call a tailor. Call the janitor. Call the library! JUST CALL SOMEBODY!”

After a busy day of saving people and a good night's sleep, Ted wakes up and finds that he is in need of an artist...

An I am in need of another TED BOOK!!!!  

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