Vintage Books from Your Shelves!

Thanks to those of you who left comments on my postVintage Kid's Books From My Shelves!  It has been such a treat and delight to be reminded of forgotten old books and introduced to wonderful new books by you!  As more comments roll in I will add cover images to this post.  Here are books from your shelves...

Molly's Moe

Reader nopinkinhere remembers Molly's Moe written and illustrated by Kay Choraro - out of print. Molly loses her toy dino named Moe and finds all sorts of things in the process of searching for him.

Two similar books that came to mind for me, the first in print, the second not, are:  I LOST MY BEAR by Jules Feiffer.  Very funny and true, but the illustrations aren't as gentle and sweet as Choraro's.  The Something written and illustrated by Natalie Babbitt is the story of a little creature who is having bad dreams.  His mother buys him some clay so he can make an image of the scary thing from his dreams.  Turns out he is dreaming about a little girls and when he meets her in his dream he realize that he doesn't have anything to be scared of.

I Lost My Bear by Jules Feiffer: Book Cover

Reader Donna share's her (and her boys) love of Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion with pictures by Margaret Bloy Graham.  Don't miss Graham's BE NICE TO SPIDERS from 1967!  I had this as a kid and loved it!  Check out the review from August of 2007 on Burgin's blog.

Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion: Book CoverBe Nice to Spiders by Margaret Bloy Graham: Book Cover

And, there is Eve Titus's wonderful French mouse and his family in the Anatole and Anatole and the Cat books, still in print.  Other Anatole books that are out of print include:  Anatole and the Piano, Anatole and the Pied Piper, Anatole and the Poodle, Anatole and the Robot, Anatole and the Thirty Thieves, Anatole and the Toy Shop, Anatole in Italy and Anatole Over Paris.

Donna and her boys also like the Billy and Blaze series started in 1936 by Clarence William Anderson.
Billy And Blaze by C. W. Anderson: Book CoverBlaze Finds the Trail by C. W. Anderson: Book Cover

And, the Little Tim series by Edward Ardizzone.

Reader Laura was inspired to visit her father-in-law and raid his bookshelves, specifically for MY ICKY PICKY SISTER by Beth Hazel, now out of print.  That looks like a gem!

Laura's book reminded me of the out of print book from my childhood by Anne Mallett, illustrated by the always amazing Steven Kellogg, HERE COMES TAGALONG.  Man, that was a great story about fitting in, being left behind and finding a new tribe.

Reader Katherine Tillotson, who is also an illustrator and has worked with Megan MacDonald (of Judy Moody and Stink fame) on three of her picture books, reminds us of all things wonderful from Leo Lionni.  2010 marks the 100th anniversary of Lionni's birth in Holland and as happy result, almost all of his picture books (of which I think there are about 30) are still in print!!!  Below are two books that seem to be OUT OF PRINT by Lionni and MY favorite Lionni book, Let's Make Rabbits, which came into my life as a tattered library discard from my husband's childhood!

A Flea Story by Leo Lionni: Book CoverMr. McMouse

Let's Make Rabbits by Leo Lionni: Book Cover

Not out of print in the least, below is a little treat - some of Katherine's artwork:

from When the Library Lights Go Out by Megan MacDonald, pictures by Katherine Tillotson.


Donna said…
I had never heard of Be Nice to Spiders. After I read your post I was determined to get my hands on it and by coincidence a used copy was at a library sale for only $.25. I bought it and the boys have asked for it every night since. Really cute book.

Also a correction regarding the Little Tim books, they are not out of print. The books were reissued a few years back.
Tanya said…
Be Kind to Spiders for $.25????? That is so AWESOME. I changed the status of the Little Tim books, but I can't find them online anywhere new. Where can I find new copies?
Donna said…
The Little Tim books are available on Amazon. Upon your recommendations I purchased Busy Busy World and boy you are correct, it is not p.c. but as with all Scarry books my kids are loving looking at it. It is an excellent book for geography and when they are older for discussing stereotypes. We also purchased the Tibor Gergely book. Nice but since it is not jammed back with things to look at it is not as big of a hit but still enjoyed.
Tanya said…
Oooh. I just have to know - how much did Busy, Busy World cost you and what condition is it in? Gergely is good, but it's hard to measure up to Scarry... I actually have a biography on Scarry - interesting guy.
Donna said…
The book cost almost $22 and was in excellent condition. I have never paid that much money for a book before, but it was worth it. I also ordered a used copy of Scarry's Great Air Book. Can't wait to receive it.
Tanya said…
I think that is a great price! I would pay that in an instant! Hope your boys enjoy the Great Big Air book! I have my copy from childhood and it sees a lot of action with my 6 year old!

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