Dinosaur vs. The Potty written and illustrated by Bob Shea

Bob Shea is clearly a father.  There is no way you can read his two most recent books, Dinosaur vs. Bedtime and Dinosaur vs. the Potty and think anything else.  Ok, maybe you might be thinking that he remembers his own childhood really, really well.  However, if you read the dedication in Dinosaur vs. the Potty you will learn that he IS a dad (he thanks his son for remembering to use the potty) and that he has a great wife (whom he thanks for reminding his son to go to the potty.)  Kids love dinosaurs and kids, when they are just learning to use the potty, like to wait as long as possible to go.  If you have potty trained a child, you know what I am talking about.  Shea takes this theme and turns it into a high energy, past paced book that is actually a little bit suspenseful!  In  Dinosaur vs. Bedtime, you knew the end was inevitable. Dino WOULD go to bed.  But, in this new book you're never sure until the end if Dinosaur will hold out too long and have an accident or if he will make it in time...  Getting to this conclusion is hilarious as Shea lists the many challenges that Dinosaur faces throughout the day, accompanied by Shea's bright, colorful illustrations that are a little bit primary and a whole lot of playful.

The book begins with Dinosaur roaring and insisting that he doesn't need to use the potty!  He drinks lemonade, he romps in the sprinklers.

And, my favorite, a THREE JUICE BOX LUNCH!!!

Then, there is the wading pool where Dinosaur waters his pretend whale!!

Finally, splashing in the rain puddles it appears that Dinosaur is doing a victory dance, but NO!  It's a POTTY DANCE!!  Will he make it to the bathroom in time?

THE POTTY WINS!!  The book ends with the line that many of us have uttered over and over, "Close one, Dinosaur! Real, real close."

You can watch Bob read Dinosaur vs. Bedtime, enhanced by some nice animation.

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