Millions of Snow written and illustrated by Lerryn Korda

I reviewed Lerryn Korda's Rocket to the Moon a couple of months ago and loved it, both for what it is and for the gap it fills in the world of kid's books.  As I said in my review, Korda's Playtime with Little Nye Series is a perfect stepping stone from board books to picture books, both in content and form.  The stories in this series are a little bit longer and more complex than a simple board book, the size is a bit bigger than a board book by not as big as a picture book and the pages, while not board, are sturdier than a traditional picture book so you don't have to supervise reading time unless you want to!

Each story begins, "Here are Little Nye and his friends.  And here is the house where they live."  If you visit Korda's website, you can even print out a version of Little Nye's House to build with your children!
Little Ilo and Friends

In Millions of Snow Little Nye and friends have a play day in the snow and Lester, with a little help, builds a snow-friend named Osbert.   I love that Osbert is not your typical three piece snow person, but a lumpy little guy who really looks like he was built by little ones.  After snow play, as always, the friends regroup for some tasty treats where,  "Inside there is cocoa in and sticky buns.  Outside there is millions of snow."  

The book ends as Osbert heads off on a sled wishing Lester a good night.  These books are just so sweet and simple and evocative of everything that is special, cozy and memorable about childhood.  Keep up the great work, Ms Korda!

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