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Somehow, I missed two really extraordinary picture books when I was composing my end of the year list. I am lucky enough to have a coworker who is also a middle school librarian and she and I discuss books and swap websites all the time. I may not have said it here on this blog, but I have said it before - librarians are supercool people with, naturally, really great resources and lots to share and I am grateful to know a few in person and a handful of others through their excellent blogs. At the beginning of December last year, Georgia sent me a link to a list of Books to Give Kids... Even Those You Don't Know Very Well and she printed up a copy for our kid's-book-shy coworkers. The list was compiled by Lisa Von Drasek for EarlyWord which is an amazing website that helps librarians stay current (or more than current) on what's coming up and out in the world of books. I was very pleased to see some of my favorites on the list and thrilled to find books I'd never heard of. Because I'd never heard of them, that meant I had to special order them into the store where I work or track them down at the library, leaving me no time to get them on to my Best Picture Books of 2010 list.  But, they are here now!  

Also, a few reviews of a book or two that just hit the shelves and are worth sharing!

And, here are a some of those blogs by librarians that are always a great resource:

100 Scope Notes
Travis Jonker, Elementary School Librarian

Pink Me
(YNL) Your Neighborhood Librarian

One Librarian's Book Reviews
Melissa, Librarian

Charlotte's Library
Charlotte, Archaeologist by day, Friends of a small New England Library by night
(Don't miss the fabulous round-up of middle grade sci-fi/fantasy posts from other blogs that Charlotte compiles every Sunday.)

Elizabeth Bird, librarian at the Children's Center at the 42nd Street Library in NYC

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