This is the poem in my pocket today! What did you have in yours?

Substantial Planes

it doesn't

to me

poems mean

there's no

to the

and yet

walks the

A.R. Ammons

Included in the book: Poem in Your Pocket for Young Poets: 100 Poems to Rip Out and Read


T. said…
Classy selection! I can't say that I've participated in the festivities of piyp day, but can I get some remedial points for purchasing not one but two poetry books today?

Almost happenstance but true!
Tanya said…
Oooh! Well, do you want kid's poetry or adult poetry or adult poetry that is appropriate for kids???

I would strongly recommend this kid friendly book
POEM IN YOUR POCKET: 100 Poems to Rip Out and Read (reviewed here on 4/2/11) and/or the adult version, POEM IN YOUR POCKET: 200 POEMS TO READ AND CARRY. Both great collections of work by diverse poets, old and new.

If you are looking for a good anthology for adults, Garrison Keillor's collections of other people's poems, GOOD POEMS and GOOD POEMS FOR HARD TIMES are really great collections of works by many, many poets.

Cheers and thanks for supporting the starving poets of the world with your purchases!!!
T. said…
Your suggestions look like excellent ones!

I purchased Bright Wings (an anthology of poems about birds) illustrated by the David Sibley of birding books fame. This one is for my daughter for Easter. She will love the pictures and we both will enjoy the poetry since we have a lot of fun feeding and identifying the birds.

And Poetry as a Spiritual Practice for me -- me -- me!

By the way, my favorite poetry book for kids is The Barefoot Book of Classic Poems which beautifully presents *classic* poems with *gorgeous* illustrations. It doesn't talk down to kids but raises them up to travel on the road of understanding.
Tanya said…
BRIGHT WINGS is wonderful! What a great gift, too. I haven't seen the Barefoot book, but I love all that they do. On 4/27/11 I am re-posting a review of another excellent poetry anthology for kids with poems written by adults that are appropriate for kids. I'm going to order in that Barefoot book for next year!

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