Cars Galore written by Peter Stein and illustrated by Bob Staake

With Cars Galore Peter Stein has whipped up a rollicking rhyme about a crazy parade of cars that has perfectly matched illustrations from Bob Staake. If you haven't seen Staake's action filled Look! A Book!, you have to check it out. The pages are jam packed with things to look at and the rhyming text offers clues to objects hidden within the scenes. Cars Galore is a bit less action packed, but that gives the artwork room to really roam and to focus on the cars and the rhymes. 

With the pace of a Dr Seuss story, minus the made-up-words, Stein's rhymes fly by like some of the cars in Staake's kooky illustrations. Staake really runs with the story here, as his playful pictures show us bizarre cars (with wings, an umbrella, a Viking helmet and a jack-in-the-box) junky cars, sleeping cars and more. My favorite is the 100 foot Centipede car, below. 

You will find yourself practically singing the text as you read out loud about these cars that come in all shapes and sizes and even smells. However, I must warn parents - this book ends on a VERY frightening note when the narrator tells the listeners, "Someday YOU'LL drive!"

And, coming soon, BUG'S GALORE! Can't wait for that one...

For kids who love cars, or anyone with a BIG imagination, don't miss Chris Van Dusen's fabulous
If I Built a Car.

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