Moshi Moshi Kawaii: Where is Strawberry Moshi?

Summer is coming and that means car trips, plane trips, train trips and more for kids. This also means we need ways to keep kids entertained and this book will do just that for many kids - girls and boys, despite the extreme pinkness of the cover! Moshi Moshi Kawaii is a Japanese (duh) phenomenon shooting for Hello Kitty name recognition. While writing this review, I learned that "kawaii" is the Japanese word for cute, which is perfect since Moshi Moshi Kawaii: Where's Strawberry Moshi is the Where's Waldo of cuteness, although not quite as migraine-inducingly difficult (bonus!) After poring over this book, my six-year-old son, a dedicated Where's Waldo fan, decided that he was going to make his own book, "Where's Ooshi?" and promptly began illustrating the pages. Scroll down for examples of the kinds of fun (and cuteness) you can find in the pages of Moshi Moshi Kawaii: Where's Strawberry Moshi.  

Every page has a selection of different Moshis to hunt for.

Some pages even have mazes!

The final pages of the book have bonus Moshis to find.

And, if you discover you have a real Moshi Moshi Kawaii fan on your hands, there are two more books in this series due out soon!

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