The Sea of Bath written and illustrated by Bob Logan

Bob Logan's newest book, Rocket Town knocked my socks off, so of course I had to find his first book, The Sea of Bath. Logan, who's day job is working as a story artist for Dreamworks on feature animated movies like Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Madagascar and Open Season, has a great visual style and I urge you to buy Rocket Town for every little boy (and even some girls) you know.

Logan's illustrations have the colorful crispness of and simplicity of Eric Carle with an added playfulness that should catch any child's eye and imagination. I think I would read almost any story Logan chose to illustrate, regardless of the plot. Fortunately, with his impeccable sense of visual storytelling, Logan makes his pictures work for the story and vice versa. The Sea of Bath follows a cheerfully befuddled sea captain as he sails mysterious seas and encounters strange sea creatures.

One of my favorite spreads, below, shows the Captain encountering a flotilla of colorful bath toys.

If you visit Bob Logan's blog (notice how the word BLOG is part of Bob's name???) you can get in on the making of the book! Bob shares illustrations that did not make it into the book, like the great picture below.

He also shares some of the photographs of bath toys he took for reference when he began illustrating his book here. You can also see preliminary sketches here and below.

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