These are Our Friends - Paintings by Christopher Stott

During National Poetry Month this year when I was posting a poem-a-day and searching for images to go with the poems I came across the works of contemporary realist painter Christopher Stott, who generously allowed me to use his painting Books, Paper, Pencil, Typewriter with Eve Merriam's poem Ways of Composing.  I fell in love with his work and immediately subscribed to his mailing list (I am saving my pennies to buy a print of one of his paintings) and just received an these paintings of books I wanted to share with you. Of books, Stott writes, "What I love about books is their versatility. They offer and endless bounty of compositions for me to work with, and they have themes and symbolism in a wide variety of manners." I hope you enjoy them even half as much as I do.

These Are Our Friends

Stacks of Books & Espresso Cups

Red Book

Origins & Apple

Vintage Research


Stephen said…
I'm a school teacher in Australia...I've been searching for a blog like this for ages. Thanks.
Tanya said…
Wonderful! I'm so glad you found me. I hope you can introduce me to some great Australian writers! I am a huge fan of Barbara Feinberg's TASHI books (as is my 6 year old) as well as the phenomenal Melina Marchetta - opposite ends of the spectrum, I know. Please drop me an email with any of your favorites I can look into reading next, or any other book questions you might have. Thanks for reading!!