StoryWorld Create-A-Story-Kit: Fairy Magic, by John and Caitlín Matthews, 28 Cards, RL: ALL AGES

If you remember my review of StoryWorld: Create-a-Story-Kit, then you know how much I love it and you also know that there are several different StoryWorld kits available in England and though some online resources in the US. For those of you happy to wait for Candlewick Press to release them on at a time, your wait for StoryWorld: Fairy Magic is over! Also, there is a new website, that is an added resource with more ideas, if you really need them...

Magnificent illustrators Wayne Anderson and Tomislav Tomić return along with  Matilda Harrison Ian Penney Debra McFarlane. As before, each card comes with a title and description as well as a few story prompts on the back. Once again, a booklet is included to guide and inspire, suggesting games to play with the cards as well as providing a list of the clues that are hidden within the intricate artwork that adorns each card. 

The Valley Beyond Time: Where Time Never Passes presents the story-maker with the questions, "Why has time stopped here?" and "What is making the music that the people are dancing to?" and "How do you enter and leave the valley?" 

The Fairy Messenger: The Messenger Between the Fairy and the Human Worlds asks, "What messages does he carry under his arm, and who are they for?" and "What will happen if he blows his horn?" and "Who might try to stop him and why?"

Best of all, the decks can be combined to make bigger, better longer stories!

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