StoryWorld Create-A-Story-Kit: Legends of the Sea, by John and Caitlín Matthews, 28 Cards, RL: ALL AGES

If you remember my review of StoryWorld: Create-a-Story-Kit, then you know how much I love it and you also know that there are several different StoryWorld kits that are slowly being released here in the US.For those of you with pirate loving treasure hunters, those intrigued by mermaid magic or anyone who wants to learn more about selkies and krakens, StoryWorld: Legends of the Sea is a MUST! Magnificent illustratorsWayne Anderson and Tomislav Tomić return along with Philip Hood, Virginia Lee and Nicki Palin to creates these watery scenes. Also, there is a new website, that is an added resource with more ideas, if you really need them...

As always, a booklet is included with the cards that gives an introduction, prompts, games and a list of the clues hidden within the cards, linking their stories.
The Selkies card, illustrated by Virginia Lee, shows these seal-people who live in the sea but can walk on the land. The back of the card asks storytellers, "What happens when the selkies come ashore?" and "what makes them change into human shapes?" as well as, "Why is the Great Whale following them?" The Great Whale has a card of his own that shows the King of the Sea riding the crest of the waterspout from his blow hole. It's probably hard to spot the characters from other cards here, but before we start any story my son and I always look through the cards finding the links and sorting accordingly and this proves almost as fun as the storytelling itself.

The Mermaid: Can Guide or Mislead Travelers asks, "Why has she left her home?" and "What creatures have come to visit her and why? as well as, "What does she see in her enchanted mirror?"

The King of the Sea: Rules Over the Oceans From Beneath the Waves asks, "Where is he going so swiftly in his chariot?" and What power does his trident hold?" as well as "Who made his crown of coral and starfish?"

The Cabin Boy: The Youngest of the Crew, He Always Finds Adventure 

asks, "What has he found in the cabin?" and "Where are his mother and father?" as well as, "Whom does the monkey belong to?"

The Stowaway: Hides on Ships So She Can Sail the Seven Seas 


T. said…
Based on your recommendation, I ordered this pack (and the original and fairy packs) for an island vacation. The Legends of the Sea cards kept my 4.5yo busy reading and imagining her way through the long plane rides and the vacation itself. Fun. Though I have to say some of the magic/charm-y aspects of the cards can be a little heavy handed. Overall, I love the story-generation value of these cards and try to re-direct the supernatural into themes of love and peace and goodness -- especially for a young child. That said, we use these cards every day and it has been a wonder to watch her storytelling abilities evolve! She started by wanting to read through all of the cards in a pack one by one and has branched into choosing 3 (or 5) cards from which to concoct a brand new tale three or four times in a row. We're pretty big StoryCubes fans and these tools take storytelling to a different level. Where StoryCubes are great fun to break out at the breakfast table, the Storyworld cards are for more in-depth reading/observing/creating learning time.
Tanya said…
So glad the cards were a hit and that you found a way around certain aspects that didn't work for you. I love the Story Cubes, too. Maybe eventually you and your daughter can make your own deck of Story Cards using pictures from magazines or your own artwork!

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