Lulu and Bob written and illustrated by Lerryn Korda

Lerryn Korda, author and illustrator of the wonderful Playtime with Little Nye series of books for toddlers brings us a new adventure with Lulu and her imaginary friend Bob. With her new book Lulu and Bob, Korda captures the intricacies and difficulties of being small as well as expanding her illustrative style. To her collage style that allows for a range of patterns and textures, she adds hand drawn details that bring a warmth to the pictures, especially the scribbly Bob. 

Lulu has reached an age when things are expected of her and she tries her hardest to remember and be on her best behavior, but temptation is everywhere. It's just so easy to get messy and draw off the paper sometimes. Korda writes, "There is a lot to remember. And sometimes Lulu just wants to do something different." That's when Bob arrives. Bob asks Lulu if she would like to have some fun since it's "terribly important, you know."

The two frolic (or rampage, depending on how you look at it) through the house playing dress up, building forts, having tea parties, playing beauty parlor and chatting until they are discovered. Remember that eerie silence that usually precedes the discovery of toddler mayhem? It all came rushing back to me as I read Lulu and Bob. Of course, Bob is nowhere to be found when the punishment comes down, but he does keep Lulu company as she sits in the Thinking Chair. And he does offer a hand as she cleans up her mess. Turns out Bob actually likes cleaning!
The two end their day with a bath and a bounce on the bed where Lulu reminds Bob that tomorrow he must remember the rules and be on his best behavior and Bob promises that he will - most of the time!

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