Sweet Dreams, written by Rose A. Lewis and illustrated by Jen Corace

I Love You like Crazy CakesEvery Year on Your Birthday

Rose A Lewis is the author of the wonderful and important I Love You Like Crazy Cakes. As someone who believes that there is a book for all occasions and life events, I am always happy to find unique books that tell uncommon stories. Lewis' first book, which tells the story of a mother traveling to China to adopt her daughter, has all these qualities as well as being based on her own experiences. Lewis continue to tell her story in Every Year On Your Birthday, which is a time for reflection and celebration for mother and daughter.

With Sweet Dreams, Lewis tells the story, in verse of the sleepy creatures who curl up for the night and those that "come alive in darkness - / They have no need of of light." All the time, Mr Moon watches over the world. Lewis begins her story the same way she ends it, 

Good night, my precious child,
May your dreams be long and sweet -
And full of great adventures
With the friends you're soon to meet.

Jen Corace's illustrations are rich with patterns found in the natural world, from the cascades of trumpet-like moon flowers to the intricate branches of a tree to the wings of owls and butterflies. Corace imparts occasional bursts of color into her subdued purple and blue twilight palette. Sweet Dreams is definitely a book that can be read nightly at bedtime and, most likely, memorized by reader and listener - if the little listener can stay awake!

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