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As always, the first place I turn for a book about a specific city, regardless of the age of the intended reader, is Miroslav Sasek and his This Is... series of picture books written in the 1950s and 1960s. This is New York City takes the reader on a child's eye view of NYC. I love his crisp, colorful illustrations and the way he captures the movement and action of any city.


Both Erica and I are big fans of Timothy Egan's Dodsworth books, set (so far) in New York, Paris, Rome and London. For my review of all four books, click here. For Erica's take, click here.

Charlotte in New York is by Joan McPhail Knight and illustrated by the award winning Melissa Sweet. The first and second books in this quartet begin in 1892 when Charlotte's family moves from Boston to France to live in Monet's artist colony at Giverny. In the second book, the family travels to Paris for an exhibition of the work of Mary Cassatt and in the third book they visit London. In the fourth book they return to America after two years abroad and settle in New York City.  Although picture book in format, this series reads like a chapter book and is filled with biographical information, a French glossary and all sorts of art work.

A Walk in the City by Salvatore Rubbino. A companion to Rubbino's A Walk in London, a tour of his home town. Click the title to read a fantastic interview with Rubbino and see interior images.
Where Are You Little Zack?
Amy Elizabeth Explores Bloomingdales

When You Meet a Bear on Broadway
Flying Over Brooklyn

Balloons Over Broadway
Tar Beach - Summer on the rooftops!
Abuela  by Arthur Dorros with illustrations by the amazing Elisa Kleven.Wow! City! by the wonderful Robert Neubecker
The Tree - for kids who like history -- nature time line

Blackout review by Tanya


(historical fiction)
deadly - Typhoid Mary and the scientists who tracked her down.

(contemporary fiction)
Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades of the Somerset Sisters - parts of this book also take place in London, Paris and Morocco.

Modern Fairies, Dwarves, Goblins and Other Nasties: A Practical Guide by Miss Edythe McFate as told to Lesley MM Blume - a fantastic look at the magical creatures living in the subways and famous hotels of the city...

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