Personalized Reading Lists for Your Kids!

Creating this blog has introduced me to so many wonderful people, from the parents, grandparents, teachers and librarians who read my book reviews to authors and illustrators, literary agents, editors and other great folks in the publishing industry. It has been inspirational and educational every step of the way and expanded on the 17 years experience I have as a children's bookseller, deepening my knowledge of and love for kid's books. I am always happy to answer questions about books via email, but my sister-in-law, the same brilliant person who proposed that I start this blog back in 2008, suggested I offer the service of making personalized reading lists on my blog. Helping kids learn to love books, putting the right book in the right hand and calling attention to excellent authors and illustrators is my passion, assembling personalized reading lists seems like a great way to aggregate my reviews for specific readers. And, it seems like a great way to make your jobs as parents a bit easier. I know that, for many of you, pre-reading your children's books can be a full time job and that reading reviews of books for them is almost as time consuming. Let me do the job for you! In the year since I started offering this service, I have created over 100 lists and each one is as interesting and exciting as the next to compile. I have made lists for kids in Kuwait for whom English is a second language. I have made a booklist for a reader who loves inventions and spy stories. I have created booklists for reluctant readers and one really great list of books for a family to read around the campfire while on vacation. I especially love making lists for voracious readers because I love the challenge of finding books they haven't read yet! If this piques your interest, please email me for more details and pricing at

If I can't provide a specific service for you but you like what I'm doing and want to support my efforts, I have added the "Donate" button to my blog.  It has always been very important to me to keep advertising off of my blog and I am uncomfortable introducing money into the equation now, but I feel like the time and the intentions are right and hope you do too. Thanks for your understanding and, as always, thanks for reading!

Reviews from recent customers:

I emailed Tanya early in the summer for a booklist for my 8 year -old boy/girl twins. She asked very appropriate questions about the interests of my children, their reading levels, etc. and I was impressed with her genuine desire to find them books to pique their interests and get them to read! We received a lengthy list of very intriguing books, and I am thrilled to say my kids read practically all of them quite eagerly! She also included read- aloud books, such as The Doll People, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading to them at the dinner table each night. Tanya is extremely knowledgeable--and is also conversant with non-mainstream, off-the-beaten-path books, which I appreciate! I would never have found these books on my own. Thank you, Tanya!

Heather P. from Boulder, CO

Rave reviews from my first customers!!

A fantastic service we were more than happy to pay for and one we would strongly recommend to any parent looking for guidance on building a reading list full of unexpected and out-of-the-ordinary titles tailored to their child's individual interests and reading level. Tanya helped us tremendously when we were preparing to take our two elementary school aged children to london and paris and wanted to create reading lists for each of them that would get them familiar with and excited about the places they'd be visiting and the cultures they'd be experiencing. Tanya replied with an extensive list of english language books (including comics!), many of which were unfamiliar to us but highly-regarded among english and french children their age. We took her suggestions and filled up their Kindles and they were ready to embark on a European adventure! - Steven M., Los Angeles

I contacted Tanya recently because I was having a difficult time finding suitable books to satisfy my 7-year-old daughter's interest in brides and weddings. I was impressed with the in depth questions she asked pinpointing my daughter's taste in books. I received am impressive list of books for various ages, non-fiction and fiction. I will definitely contact her in the future should I need help finding a specialized list of books. - Jenny

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