I Love to Sleep AND I Love to Eat, written and illustrated by Amélie Graux

I Love to Sleep and I Love to Eat (the titles alone are perfectly baby-centric) are billed as "Deluxe Trilingual Touch-and-Feel." And, while these two new board books are filled with fantastic touch-and-feely things on every page, and English, French and Spanish words for each baby item depicted, what  really makes these two books deluxe are the crisply modern, elegantly adorable illustrations by Amélie Graux. I have seen plenty of board books in my time and it takes A LOT for one to grab my attention. Not only do Graux's books stand out for their charming artwork, but for the unique style they bring to the otherwise standard, generic (and mostly dull) world of touch-and-feel board books. When it comes to style, Graux's books are leading the way along with Janik Coat's Hippopposites, the only opposites book your child will ever need. Interestingly, both artists are French. Actually, even if your baby doesn't need an opposites book or a book about food or bed, buy these books anyway. They are wonderfully lovely, superbly sturdy and creative in charming new ways. Below are images from both books. Sadly, the tactile aspects don't come through in these images, but even those are outstanding. From the terrycloth bib and the woody feel of the highchair to the shiny plastic representing the glass of a jar of baby food and the sticky feel of a spoonful of peas, each page has something new to offer.

From I Love to Eat  -

From I Love to Sleep -
All the things from baby's bedtime routine are in I Love to Sleep, starting with the fuzzy jammies on the cover. From the bottle and the pacifier to the stuffed toy and textured diaper, the shiny music player and the 3D book with a page that can be turned, everything is here, ending with the glowing nightlight and the satiny sleep sack. I have no doubt reading this book will become part of your nighttime routine.

Here are a few more images from Amélie Graux's website:

Source: Review Copies

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