Icky Sticky Monster by Jo Lodge

As a parent, I think I bought exactly one pop-up book over the last nineteen years. Ok, that's not entirely true. I bought the same book twice. By the time my third child was born, the first two kids had worn out our copy of Paul O Zelinsky's magnificent Wheels on the Bus, celebrating a 20 year anniversary in 2010. We loved it so much we needed a new one. Which brings me to my point. I suspect most (though not all) parents share my attitude about pop-up books when it comes to purchasing them : Why buy an expensive book that my child will, in all inevitability, destroy? And they do get destroyed, or, in the best case, worn out. But, as my personal experience illustrates, they are books that are deeply loved by children. Especially because children, with their sensitive radars, know when they are being denied something because it is expensive or precious. Pop-up books can be both. So why not treat your child or any child in your life to a pop-up book, especially with the gift giving season upon us?

The exciting news is that, while most pop-up books hover around the $20.00 price range, there are always a few that are not too pricey. Icky Sticky Monster by Jo Lodge just happens to be one of those! Lodge is an illustrator and paper engineer and it shows in this fun and funny book. At ten pages long, this is a book for the toddler crowd, who will delight in the gross things that Icky, Sticky Monster does.

From the first page, you get a good taste for Lodge's great rhyming and spectacular paper engineering. I know it's hard to tell from the above image, but, when the lid to the toilet is lifted, Icky, Sticky pops out and the toilet seat circles him a bit like a halo... Icky, Sticky goes on to do some nose picking, garbage eating and goo-slurping until the final spread when, ready for bed, Icky, Sticky pops out in all his glory (and grossness) asking for a bedtime kiss. 

Kids will delight in the vibrant illustrations that call to mind the work of Lucy Cousins, who has a direct line to the toddler mind.

Source: Review Copy

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