My Pop-Up World Atlas by Anita Ganeri and Stephen Waterhouse

My Pop-Up World Atlas by Anita Ganeri and Stephen Waterhouse can be added to the fantastic non-fiction pop-up books by Christiane Dorion and Beverly Young,  How the World Works How the Weather Works. I know that pop-up books and their purchase can be a touchy (or non) issue with some parents and I am going to take a sentence or two to convince you of why you should buy your children (or children in your life) a pop-up book or two and which ones. Pop-up books are precious and expensive and frequently destroyed and/or worn out by their readers. But, they are also deeply loved by their children. Because of this, they make a great gift. Because of this, they can also function on the "Spoon Full of Sugar" principle. Pop-up books can make learning fun and not feel like learning at all. 

My Pop-Up World Atlas is a perfect example of this. Vibrantly colored, eye catching illustrations along with spectacular pop-ups, flaps to lift, books within books and picture wheels to turn on every page make this a book a reader can pore over again and again. Also, while there is quite a bit of text in this book, the interactive nature of the pop-up ensures that non-readers can enjoy it as well! Just looking through this book will inspire readers and fill them with questions.

The first page spread covers THE WORLD and features the continents and their climates and geographical features along with information about each. There is also a "Planet Earth Fact File" that breaks the world down into the smallest, largest, longest, shortest and so on. From here, the book features a continent per page spread, each one brimming with information to be mined. The sports of countries are featured as well as crops and cultural aspects where possible.  Every country is noted, with capitals and flags. The spread on Antarctica even features a passage about global warming and its effects on the continent. 

My Pop-Up World Atlas is a brilliant introduction to the world we live in, in little bites. The wonderful illustrations and paper engineering ensure that this is a book kids will want to open and pore over again and again.

Source: Review Copy

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