More good picture books than I can imagine....

Thus is the bounty of fall this year! I a so excited about this batch of books and they are so plentiful that  Picture Book Week will actually be two weeks!  My apologies to those of you who will be missing the reviews of chapter books, but I'll be back on October 1 with my review of Laura Amy Schlitz's new book, Splendors and Glooms.

For those of you wondering about the state of the children's book publishing industry and/or the picture book, don't miss Susan Carpenter's article for the LA Times fomr August 26th, Children's Literature is a fast-growing genre, thanks to 'Potter' & Co.. There are a handful of interesting facts and numbers about kid's books, but what I found most interesting was this quote from Sharon Hearn, the owner of Children's Book World in LA, who has run the shop for 25 years and did not take a salary for the last two years because sales had dropped so steeply between 2008 and 2010. Noting that her sales are up significantly this year, Hearn added that "picture books are her best seller because publishers are being more selective and producing high-quality titles that appeal to older, more affluent parents who are willing to invest in books." I have no doubt that this is true at her store in LA, but I wonder if it is true nationally?

Let me know if you see anything reviewed here over the next two weeks that inspires you to make some purchases!

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