What Will You Be, Grandma? written by Nannette Newman, illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark

There really aren't as many grandma and grandpa picture books out there as you might think. Yet, most kids have them (grandparents) and, in this day and age, many kids, like Lily in What Will You Be, Grandma by Nanette Newman with illustrations by Emma Chichester Clark, have grandparents who are most definitely not the old, denture wearing, nap taking kind from the books and movies of my childhood.

As Newman says in her author bio, she wrote this book after her granddaughter, Lily, asked her what she was going to be when she grew up. In the book, Lily's grandmother answers thoughtfully, "Well, a lot of people think I've grown up already." But, Lily thinks Grandma has a long way to go and is filled with creative and clever career advice. "You could grow wings and fly around the world, making sure people are nice to their cats and dogs like I am," is one of my favorite suggestions. To this Grandma answers, "Id like to have wings," and there is a lovely illustration of Grandma, her patchwork quilt wings, and binoculars to keep watch as she flies all over the world with Lily on her back.

Grandma and Lily continue on their imaginative adventure with ideas and images that are whimsical but not overly so. The book ends with Grandma saying she would like to be a "lady with a little granddaughter named Lily who she loves from the top of her head to the tips of her toes," just as it should. What Will You Be, Grandma is a wonderful book that celebrates the bond between grandma and grandchild as well as the creative, unique way kids have of looking at the world. And,  What Will You Be, Grandma is the PERFECT gift for a grandchild to give to a grandmother!

Source: Review Copy

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