A Perfect Day by Carin Berger

Carin Berger, like Pamela Zagarenski is an illustrator who uses collage, as well as painting and pencils to tell her stories beyond the text. Graph paper, handwritten lists and fabric swatches make their way into Berger's magical illustrations, especially in her newest book, A Perfect Day. I could find only one interior illustration from Berger's new book, A Perfect Day, to share with you. But, reading this book, which is sparse on text, feels a bit like being invited into a landscape painting and walking around for a while, watching what goes on behind the scenes.
BecauseI could only find one image from A Perfect Day,  I decided to share Berger's book The Little Yellow Leaf here as well.

When autumn arrives and all the other leaves fly off the tree, the Little Yellow Leaf stays behind, clinging to the branch of the great oak tree. "I'm not ready yet, " he thinks. Ultimately, with the help of friends who help him take that big leap, the leaf flies from the tree and sees the world. As with A Perfect Day, it is Berger's illustrations that tell so much of this charmingly different story.

Also by Carin Berger, Forever Friends

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