Cinderella : A Three-Dimensional Fairy-Tale Theater by Jane Ray

I adore the illustrations of Jane Ray. She has had a long and prolific career and I have reviewed her books The Dollhouse Fairy, The Twelve Days of Christmas and Classic Fairy Tales Told by Bertie Doherty, which she illustrated. Her illustrations are detailed, colorful and magical. But, above all else, they are diverse. And by that I mean not everybody is white. Along with the wonderful Marla Frazee (and a few others I apologize for forgetting here...) she is probably the most consistent with her representation of a range of cultures in her illustrations.
All of this combines to make her the perfect artist to bring us a three-dimensional fairy-tale theater edition of this classic story, which is divided into six acts. The text of the story appears on either side of the stage/page with the illustration itself telling much of the story. This is the kind of book that you pore over, the kind of book you prop open then lay on the floor and gaze into. The kind of book you give as a gift! 

For a better view of the interior of the book, watch this brief book trailer- then find a little girl to give it to!

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