I can't believe that I didn't know that  Take Your Child to a Bookstore was a thing! It is! And, it's very well organized! There are over 400 bookstores participating this year with special story times and other events worth checking out. Click HERE to see a fantastic map of the US locating all the bookstores who will have fun things going on this Saturday. Click on the book on the map for the name of the store AND a link to their website so you can get all the details.

And while you are at the bookstore having fun with your kids, taking a look at all the fantastic new books out there, maybe even sitting down and reading a few, I have one thing to ask of you:  PLEASE BUY A BOOK OR TWO. It won't kill you to pay full price for a book once in a while. Think of it this way, independent bookstores are like public radio - they are a great, entertaining and free. Depending on where you live these days, you can go into a bookstore and browse. You can feel the books, smell the books and talk to someone who is equally, if not more, enthusiastic about books in the form of a bookseller or another customer. You can't do that online. But, like public radio, bookstores can't exist without our support. If we use bookstores as a showroom and continue to shop online for lower prices, we will lose our showroom. It's that simple.

So, please treat your child to a visit to a bookstore and buy a book while you are there!

A few amazing children's bookstores that might be near you, and a link to Delightful Children's Books, which has an even better list of bookstores, links and lovely pictures of kids and parents having a ball...

Books of Wonder, NYC

Hicklebee's, San Jose, CA

A Children's Place, Portland, OR

Green Bean Books, Portland, OR

Porter Square Books, Boston, MA

Wild Rumpus Books, Minneapolis, MN 

One More Page Books, Arlington, VA

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