When My Baby Dreams of Fairy Tales by Adele Enersen

In January of this year, Adele Enerson,  (Mila's Day Dreams) an advertising copy writer living in Helsinki, Finland (where they no doubt have that fantastic government mandated maternity and paternity leave that allows you spend valuable time with your newborn without going broke) published the book When My Baby Dreams, featuring her daughter Mila in an array of innovative, creative and entertainingly dreamy scenes, all made out of textiles, while she slept in that deep, deep way babies do. Now, a year later, and before Mila is too big to sleep so deeply, Enersen brings us When My Baby Dreams of Fairy Tales, which I like even better than the first book!

One thing I noticed with all three of my kids when they were infants was their interest in pictures - photographs, specifically, of babies. This interest in babies sometimes kicks in again for toddlers as well, ensuring you will get a lot of milage out of Enersen's books. As with the first book, When My Baby Dreams of Fairy Tales assumes that Mila is asleep and dreaming - this time through a wonderland of fairy tales. The book begins, "Once upon a time, there was a baby girl named Mila... Far, far away in dreamland, where the lakes are blue as the sky and the white clouds look like fluffy sheep just waiting to be counted, live Mila and her fairy-tale friends. These are Mila's dreams." Each tableau starts with the words, "When my baby dreams," giving the book a lilting, lyrical feel that will lull little listeners snuggled in your lap. While I couldn't find any images from When My Baby Dreams of Fairy Tales to share here, I found a few pictures from When My Baby Dreams that should give you a good idea of what to expect.

Mila wanders through fairy tales from Thumbelina, Goldilocks and the Ugly Duckling to Mary Poppins (that page with Mila in clunky, black heels, a black umbrella in her hand is a crack-up), Rapunzel, The Frog Prince and The Little Prince

Apparently Enersen's creative endeavor has a name and has inspired a wave of admirer-imitators in Japan. Nezo Art, or Sleeping Posture Art, has resulted in a book that is strikingly similar to Enerson's... 

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